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 2021.11   SEMEN TE KOOP

Le Roc decided to make their best bulls available for everybody to use. These bulls are all proven bulls and were all tested, tapped and registered as AI bulls by Ramsem and Absolute Genetics in Bloemfontein.


These are working bulls and not show bulls. We use them to make a difference in the livestock industry by adding extra weight and muscling (without double muscling) to our calves. We concentrate on heavy weaner calves that are early maturing and easy fleshing.


The mature animal must still be medium framed and easy calving.

Walking ability and fertility is not negotiable and if they fail in either, they are culled.

We concentrate on adaptable animals and decided to add the Polled BRAHMAN to our operation to make our animals more adaptable for the more extensive areas. More photo's and videos  of animals and progeny will follow shortly. All these animals qualify for our ROCMASTER brand.....Tough, heavy and Hardy as Rock!

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